The Cloaks “Magnificent Freedom” Directed by Outlier Video

Abolano Records is ringing in 2015 with a brand new video from, The Cloaks, entitled “Magnificent Freedom”. Directed by Outlier; filmed at the Airliner in Lincoln Heights. This video captures the group in a raw performance setting at the highly acclaimed experimental hip hop night club, Low End Theory in Los Angeles.

Surrounded by their good friends throughout the night. Cameos by Abstract Rude, Existereo, 2Mex, Pigeon John, Awkward (Cloaks producer) and ‘Low End Theory’ residents D-Styles (who is responsible for the scratches on Magnificent Freedom) Gas Lamp Killer and Daddy Kev. Awol One, Gel Roc and RoachTheDj illustrate how Magnificent their Freedom is indeed.

With imagery of an American flag, masked men in ski masks aka Cloaksman and heavy lyrics. The video and song carry a strong undertone where thoughts are provoked and questions are asked. Is our freedom taken for granted? What are we fighting for? As well as, an opposing theme of bullying coming to mind. Whether to be taken literal or from the standpoint of Outlier’s vantage point on the state of affairs as a society.

It’s clear, Gel and Awol prove they’re hardcore hip hop veterans and present a multitude of reasons to join the cloaks on their creative endeavors.