Face masks and city wide lockdowns…Prepare for a quarantine as i will show you Los Angeles like you have never seen before.

In a world of uncertainty we do what’s right. What happens when you question what is right?

This Documentary covers people and places in Los Angeles that you may have never knew existed and are all subject to change due to the new normal.

Whether you are rich and famous or living on the streets, society is in a struggle. Living day to day just to make ends meet

– we find ourselves stuck in a world of materialism, addiction and poverty. Los Angeles in the largest city in California with a population of over 4 million.

The city covers roughly 460 vast miles. As a native i have uncovered the new normal which this documentary covers.

If you grew up or even visited Los Angeles in the last 20 years it is true, times have changed. Most are brainwashed by media and they live a life of impulse,

false luxury, Covid and whatever else found to be the new normal. Our way of life is constant and routine., race to work and live for the weekend.

For those who work remotely, stay at home and attend your online meeting as you are being monitored remotely. View the reality of Los Angeles.

You will see exactly what happens to people society seems to sweep under the rug. ravaged by poverty, mental illness and drugs

– How do you live in L.A. when you do not have an equal chance? Inspire yourself: Spread positivity and you will find it is contagious.

Living in harmony is the key.

Filmed, written and edited by: Devin Roberts Associate Producer: Casey Williams

music: https://www.bensound.com/


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