Prspectv – Devin Roberts/ Team Outlier Testimonial

Outlier Video’s great friend AAron Mostow is a 30 year old artist, musician and inventor from Los Angeles.  The inspiration for “Prspectv” came from a dream and vision Aaron had to create a giant pair of sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses, the iconic retro sunglasses from his childhood memories in the late 1980’s.  As ideas began flowing and new innovative technologies started hitting media platforms, he began realizing, not only could this be a cool piece of art for people to look at, but also to interact with.  The sunglasses stretch over 5 feet in length and they are a sight to see in person.  With your help, his goal is to have “Prspectv” featured and on display at select music festivals, sporting events, conventions, galleries and museums all around the world, for people of all ages to enjoy.  Seeing the look of smiling faces and people interacting with “Prspectv” would be a dream come true.

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